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Omri Abram




Pastiche for Voice and live electronics Video →

Gesture Studies #1 for Flute, Saxophone, sensors and live electronics Trailer → Video →

Receding Horizons for two E-Guitars and live electronics Video →

Yellow Moon for Cello and live electronics Video →

Shimmer for Cymbals and live electronics Video → Audio (excerpt) →

A Living Thread - Erik Oña in memoriam - acousmatic Video →


Rough Opal for Trumpet solo

Flash for Piano solo Recording →

Cirrus for Accordion solo Recording →

Animate for Bassoon solo Recording →

Three micro-études for Cello solo Recording →

To oneself for Flute solo Recording →

Four Piano Miniatures after paintings by Maria Frank Abrams Video →

Chamber / Ensemble:

Silver Current for String Quartet Recording →

Speechless for 6 Voices Recording →

Time Passes Time for 14 Instruments Recording →

as we were here now – tunnels, mountains, open fields

for Flute, Violin, Accordion, Piano, Percussion and Electric Guitar Recording →

Fable for 12 Instruments Recording →

Zohar (Iridescence) for Wind Quintet

Many Spaces for Bass Flute and Acoustic Guitar Recording →

Ice Flow for Two Bass Flutes Recording →

Terrain for Accordion Trio Recording →

Lavan for Accordion and Cello Recording →

Kaleidoscope for two high Recorders Recording →

Living Machine for Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon Recording →

Sonatas and Interludes (with Scarlatti) for 8 musicians Recording →

a glimmer of light... for Flute, Violin and Cello Recording →

Double Quintet Recording →

Folk Impressions Recording →

Itinerant for sextet Recording →

Encore for quintet Recording → passing... for quintet Recording →

© Omri Abram 2020

Artwork by Maria Frank Abrams

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