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Omri Abram


Upcoming Concerts

20 May 2024: New piece featured in Meiter Ensemble's "20/20" concert

Select Past Concerts

17, 18, 29 June 2023: New electroacoustic music featured in the dance-theater performance Merchaw Michja, Köln

28 June 2023: Receding Horizons performed by Duo Santorsa-Pereyra, aDevantgrade Festival, Munich

21 May 2023: Gesture Studies #1 performed by Duo Alto, ContComp new music festival, University of


20 April 2023: Cirrus and Lavan performed by Members of Meitar Ensemble, Iowa Center for New Music

Lavan performed by Christina Meissner and Claudia Buder, 4.2.23, OPENING festival, Trier, Germany.


26 November 2022: Receding Horizons for two electric guitars and live electronics premiered by Duo Santorsa-Pereyra, Crossroads Festival, Salzburg

9 October 2022: Silver Current for string quartet premiered by Quartetto Maurice, Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik

21 December 2021: Time passes Time performed by the Israel Contemporary Players conducted by Ilan Volkov, Hateiva, Jaffa, Israel Music Fest


23-24 October 2021, Ackermannshof, Basel - Gesture Studies #1 flute(s), saxophone(s), and live electronics for Duo Alto, as part of the Triptych project.


December 21, 2020: "Zohar" performed by the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet, Israel Music Fest

November 30th 2019: Premier of Speechless for Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

November 16th 2019, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, St. Paul's, Huddersfield: new version of Zohar for Wind Quintet Performed by Riot Ensemble, Aaron Holloway-Nahum conducting

June 2019: Time Passes Time for Ensemble Phoenix Basel, premier June 8 & 23 2019, Basel

Shimmer for Percussion and electronics, premier June 10 & 15 2019, Attaca Festival, Basel Music Academy

13 April 2019: Lavan (White) for Cello and Accordion permiered by Christina Meissner and Claudia Buder in Gera, Germany - Concert commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Bauhaus

POSHK for Cello and SK-1 sampler Keyboard as part of protonwerk 2018 - premier March 1st 2019, Dampfzentrale Bern, March 2nd, Basel


November 17 2018 - Many Spaces performed by lovemusic at BNU Strassburg

October 6 2018: Zohar for Wind Quintet to be performed by Camilla Hoitenga (flute), Catherine Milliken (oboe), Horia Dumitrache (clarinet), Lakatos György (bassoon) and András Kovalcsik (horn), the Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation, Budapest

July 26 2018, Darmstädter Kurse für neue Musik

Rough Opal for solo Trumpet premiered by Elisabeth Lusche

May 27 2018, Attacca festival, Basel Music Academy

Zone Expérimentale perform as we were here now – tunnels, mountains, open fields

for Flute, Violin, Accordion, Piano, Percussion and Electric Guitar

May 26 2018, Graz, MinuteConcerts

Mirko Jevtović performs Cirrus for Accordion solo

April 26 2018, Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians, Basel

Anat Nazarathy plays To oneself  for Flute solo alongside pieces by Berio and Stockhausen

March 5 2018, "Dialog" with Pianist Amit Dolberg, Gare du Nord Basel

Four Miniatures for Piano (Swiss premier)

February 23 2018, Musik Akademie Basel

Terrain for Accordion Trio (Swiss premier) , Cirrus for Accordion solo (world premier)

December 14 2017, Nachtstrom, Gare du Nord Basel 

Pastiche for Voice and live electronics with Einat Aronstein + Yellow Moon for Cello and live electronics with Mathilde Raemy

October 27-31 2017, Biel, Bern, Zürich and Basel 

Encore played by Ensemble Lemniscate

September 22-23 2017, Turm-konzerte, Warteck Basel, in the framework of Zeiträume Basel festival

To Onself performed by Anat Nazarathy alongside pieces by Stockhausen, Berio and Poppe


August 31 2017, Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival

Zohar  for Wind Quintet premiered by the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet

July 9 2017, Composit festival, Rieti Italy

Many Spaces for Bass Flute and Acoustic Guitar premiered by Elena Gabrielli and Maarten Stragier


26 June 2017, Ackermannshof Basel

Fable premiered by Ensemble Phoenix Basel


May 28 2017, Attacca festival, Basel Music Academy

Pastiche for solo voice and live electronics premiered by Einat Aronstein

25 March 2017, Festival Archipel, Geneva

Yellow Moon for Cello and live electronics premiered by Ellen Fallowfield

20 February 2017, Festival Impuls Graz; 7 April 2017, AKUT, Basel Music Academy, 28 May 2017, Festival Attacca

Ice Flow for Two Bass Flutes premiered by Anat Nazarathy and Katrin Szamatulski


14th July 2016, Tzlil Meudcan Festival, Tel Aviv

Terrain for Accordion Trio premiered by Krassimir Sterev, Ghenadie Rotarie and Mirko Jetkovic

30 May 2016, Conservatorium van Amsterdam; 14 May 2017, Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam; 28 May 2017, Festival Attacca, Basel ​Music Academy

Kaleidoscope for two high recorders premiered By Duo Northeast - Galit Zadok and Juho Myllylä

24 April 2015, DiMenna Center, New York

a glimmer of light... for Flute, Violin and Cello performed by Ecce Ensemble

15 December 2014, Israeli Conservatory Tel Aviv

Sonatas and Interludes (with Scarlatti) for 8 musicians, premiered by Meitar Ensemble conducted by David Greilsamer

7 October 2014, Israeli Conservatory, Tel Aviv

Itinerant for sextet performed by Meitar ensemble conducted by Guy Feder

26 July 2014, Accademia Chigiana, Siena Italy

a glimmer of light... premiered by Matteo Cesari, Giulio Rovighi and Francesco Dillon

​3 July 2014, Israeli Conservatory, Tel Aviv

Double Quintet  for two Flutes, two Clarinets, two Violins, two Cellos & two Pianos Performed by Meitar ensemble and Tedarim Project

25 January 2014, Israeli Conservatory, Tel Aviv

Folk Impressions – orchestration and addition of a prelude and two interludes to Bela Bartok's four Slovak Songs, for Choir and seven instruments, Performed By Meitar Ensemble and the Maayan Choir

19 September 2013, Stuttgarter Theaterhaus

Encore for quintet performed by Meitar ensemble

© Omri Abram 2020

Artwork by Maria Frank Abrams

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